“Glückwunsch, LiLiGoesMental” – Teil 6

#Dreijähriges Jubiläum

Brian Rozema – Lehrender in der Anglistik

Being a student can be stressful. Heavy reading loads, project work, written tests and oral exams: stressful. Life can be difficult. Family, work, relationships. The combination of these factors when paired with mental health issues can feel unbearable. Having to manage all of that alone: a nightmare.

That’s why I personally find the work that LiLiGoesMental at Bielefeld University does important. LGM isn’t a group of therapists or licensed counselors. It’s a grassroots organization of people supporting one another in the attempt to manage their issues, whether that means just getting some thoughts off their chests or hearing that they’re not alone. It’s not having to navigate tough times single-handedly.

For three years, LiLiGoesMental has been drawing attention to issues that many students face, often alone because they feel as if their situation is so far outside of the norm that others couldn’t or wouldn’t understand. LGM helps people understand that we all have our issues and that it’s not only okay to seek help. It’s more than that. It’s a positive move, and one we can get help making.

For all these reasons, I’m happy that LiLiGoesMental is there. It helps normalize the idea that we all could use a little help every now and again. It pushes the envelope on mental health awareness. It provides a safe space to discuss difficult matters for those who need it.  So on its third birthday, I can only say, “Happy birthday to you, LGM… and hopefully many more!”